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€75 Prenj Mountain Hike

Travel down old tobacco road to the highest peek of Prenj Mountain also known as “Herzegovina's Alps”.

€40 Cabulja Mountain Hike

Return to roots of nature – highest peak of Čabulja Mountain plus visit to the territory of wild horses.

€95 Maglic Mountain Hike

Conquer the highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Maglic Mountain and visit National Park Sutjeska

€45 Cvrsnica Mountain Hike

Capture one of nature’smost beautiful natural monuments – Hajducka Vrata (Outlaw’s Gate) on Čvrsnica Mountain

€50 Blidinje Hike

Experience country culture and domestic cuisine by visiting Nature Park Blidinje beneath Cvrsnica Mountain

€40 River Bijela Canyon

Visit canyon of river „Bijela” and its spring deep down the beautiful mountain cave.

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