Blidinje Hike

Experience country culture and domestic cuisine at Nature Park Blidinje


Category: Easy
Activity: 2 - 3 hours walk
Period: April to November

Nature Park Blidinje includes territories of Čvrsnica and Vran Mountains and it spreads through 358km2. On this area we can find over 1500 different herbs from which 200 are endemic. Čvrsnica and Vran Mountains are also a habitat of European Brown bear, chamois, wolf and other wild animals. Situated at 1300m above sea level, during the summer the Park has a cozy and fresh mountain climate while in the winter it can usually be seen covered in snow. It also hides the biggest natural lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Blidinje Lake by which this territory is named after.



  • 60 € Price based on minimum 4 persons
  • 70 € Price based on minimum 3 persons
  • 2 persons – 90 €/per person
  • 1 person – 150 €


Transport from Mostar to the starting point of mountain trail and back, English speaking, fully equipped, and experienced mountain guide, sandwich, snack, coffee or tea.


To bring

Hiking boots or sturdy sneakers, medium backpack, minimum 1 l of water, rain coat, spare shirt, sun hat and sun protection crème.


Departure and return

From your accommodation site at 8:00am where our guide will be greeting and transporting you to your starting point. We return at 6:00pm to your accommodation site.


The Hike

Our tour includes easy mountain walk through beautiful, fragrant natural forest and a visit to rural households with domestic products tasting. Along the way we visit St Ivan's church built in exquisite green surroundings below the mountains. We also pass by the grave of a young girl that suffered in 17th century during Ottoman Empire called Diva Grabovčeva which represents a symbol of resistance and fight for freedom of the people living in this area. Last but not the least, as unavoidable part of our tour is a visit to necropolis of storks, decorated headstones that date from 12th to 14th century and are one of the main historic monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By the end of our tour we invite you to taste a national dish traditionally eaten by peasants in this mountain area for centuries. Finally, late in the afternoon, together we return back to Mostar.

Mountains invite you to sharpen your senses

Area map

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