6-7 Days Hiking In Bosnia and Herzegovina

Includes the highest peak of Maglić Mountain and the most exciting trails of Via Dinarica


Category: Demanding 
Activity: 6-7 days hike (4-12h & 500 - 1500 meters daily ascents)
Period: June to October

Mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina are situated at the heart of Dinarides. This 7-day adventure is capturing their most interesting trails picked out especially for you based on my long-standing mountain experience. The route takes us to the ultimately stunning valleys and peaks of the three highest mountains in the country that are also recognized as the uttermost beautiful parts of Via Dinarica route.



  • 650 € price based on minimum 4 persons
  • 750 € price based on minimum 3 persons
  • 2 persons – 900 €/per person
  • 1 person – 1600 €


Transport in climatized SUVs or Vans from Mostar to the starting point of mountain trails and back. English speaking, fully equipped, and experienced mountain guide. Accommodation: 3 nights in Mountain Huts with sleeping bags provided and 3 nights in 3 star Hotels. Excluded: Meals and drinks are excluded from the price, however the guide is providing guidance and support in grocery shopping for mountain meals and advising/arranging dining at trusted quality restaurants with domestic food at affordable prices. Transport from/to Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Split can be arranged per additional request and price.


To bring

Hiking boots or sturdy sneakers, backpack 35-45 lit, water bottle, meal dishes, rain coat, warm shirts, spare t-shirts, thin gloves, hat or sun hat and sun protection crème, meals-to buy along the way upon guide’s advice.


Departure and return

Departure is at 8am from your accommodation in Mostar and return in the morning or afternoon hours of the last day.


The hike

This tour includes hiking through the 3 most beautiful and exciting mountains ranges in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first mountain Maglić, 2396 masl high, is the highest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the eastern part of the country on the border with Montenegro. This area is one of the rare still wild and sparsely populated, and it hides one of the last rainforests in Europe, Perućica.

The second mountain is Prenj, 2155masl high and, according to the opinion of most, the most beautiful mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With its ridges and steep rocky peaks to the large extent it resembles to the Alps. It represents a rare corner of untouched wilderness and pure mountain nature surrounded by 11 peaks higher than 2000masl.

The third mountain is Čvrsnica which is 2228masl high and the highest mountain in Herzegovina. On this mountain you will visit the famous nature monument Hajdučka Vrata 2000 masl from where you can capture a special view of the valley of Diva Grabovica, the river Neretva and the magnificent mountain Prenj.

Day 1 (Transfer and Maglić Mountain)

The tour begins in the morning with transportation from your accommodation to the starting point in the Sutjeska National Park (3-4h drive). There, we will briefly visit the Valley of Heroes, the site of a famous battle from World War II and a monument to fallen partisans. Our tour continues to the viewpoint in the Perućica rainforest, the last rainforest in Europe and then we begin our hike to the mountain shelter situated at the foot of the heart shaped Trnovačko lake below Maglić peak (2-3 h hike & 200-300 m ascent). There we have the possibility to briefly hike around or swim in the lake. An overnight is organized in a shelter on the lake.

Day 2 (Maglić Mountain)

On our second day we are climbing to the Maglić peak of 2396masl (8-10h hike with 1100m ascent) where we meet spectacular views all around. During a clear day it is possible to capture almost all Bosnia and Herzegovina’s mountains fare deep in the continent, so prepare your cameras for beautiful shots. After the hike we return to the shelter to collect the gear and take a short rest with swimming at the lake before the final hike to the parking lot. At the end of the tour we drive to Mostar and spend the night in one of the city hotels.

Day 3 (Mostar City and Prenj Mountain)

In the morning of the third day we visit the old town of Mostar and the famous old bridge from the Ottoman period. Continuing on our tour we will visit Tekija in Blagaj, historical sight from Ottoman Empire and lunch at river Buna in one of the national restaurants. In the afternoon, we transport to the starting point (40 min drive), and hike to the mountain shelter Bijele Vode on Prenj mountain, 1450 masl (2-3h & 450m ascent). The accommodation is provided in a mountain shelter.


Day 4 (Prenj Mountain)

Full-day hike tour to the highest peak of the Prenj mountain, Zelena Glava, 2155masl and the neighboring peak Otiš 2097masl (10-12 h & 1100m ascent) starts in the morning. Reaching these two peaks, we can capture distant sights, numerous mountains, their high peaks and deep valleys. A sight you will wish to perpetuate with a selfie or two. We will return by another route to the shelter, collect our gear and had back to our accommodation at the hotel Ruište, 1050masl.

Day 5 (Čvrsnica Mountain)

Transport to the nature park Blidinje, 1400masl at the starting point of the hike tour (2 hours drive). We begin our hike through the forest and down the valleys to Hajdučka Vrata, a famous natural monument on the Čvrsnica Mountain, protected since 1985. Overnight accommodation is secured in the mountain hut Vilinac which, built at 1950masl, is a shelter at the highest altitude in the country.

Day 6 (Čvrsnica Mountain)

In the morning we head off with another route to Nature Park Blidinje. Along the way we hike to the Veliki Vilinac peak, 2118masl or the highest peak of Herzegovina, Pločno, 2228masl. Upon return to the Nature Park Blidinje we rest with a warm traditional dish dinner and spend overnight in the mountain Hotel.

Day 7 (Rest and transfer back)

After breakfast at the hotel, a visit to the sights in the Nature Park Blidinje. Transport to the starting point in Mostar. In case the starting point is your airport location (transport from//to Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Split can be arranged per additional request and price) there is a possibility of a city tour or of a landmark along the way depending on the location of the airport and the time of the flight from the airport.



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